Proven Houston Criminal And Family Attorneys

At Dickerson Law Firm, we strive to be sensitive counselors and zealously advocate for our clients. Regardless of what your legal issues may be, Dickerson Law Firm is here to service all of your family’s legal needs including, but not limited to divorce, child custody battles, child support matters, visitation rights, SAPCR proceedings, modifications, and CPS cases, criminal defense, and most personal injury claims.

Meahgan L. Dickerson and her experienced legal team will always fight aggressively and work tirelessly on your behalf in and outside of the court room to reach YOUR goals.

Whether you are attempting to dissolve or establish a family relationship or merely managing a split-family; whether you or your family is struggling through a criminal matter, big or small (i.e. felony or traffic) or suffered an injury by negligence of another, Dickerson Law Firm can help.

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